Our development is largely driven by our technology partners, who together with us develop innovative solutions for business

Hey, and thanks for coming

We are Advanced, Advanced is a group: a group of several businesses, and, most importantly, a group of people.
All together we are the team that develops an ecosystem of technological solutions and services for planning and forecasting. After all, any business starts with planning – “we have a plan!” and then continues with- “are we delivering the plan?”.

We are building an honest, transparent business, free from hierarchies and discussions about who is the boss out here. We try to create an atmosphere of professionalism, kindness, and support, in which everyone here feels engaged, valued and comfortable, and one can fulfill her or his intentions without compromising personal aspirations and comfort.

It’s quite a challenge to grow our team as most people joining us are people we personally know. We are thrilled when friends, couples, brothers and sisters come to join us.

Our team is a fusion of tech-heads – Anaplaners and data scientists – strengthened by project managers, account managers and the business support team.

We spare no time and effort to make sure working at Advanced is easy and comfortable. That’s why most of our internal processes are automated with a stack of IT tools – from registering project hours to managing holidays, from a digitized knowledge base to task management systems – that helps the team to focus on their work, not on bureaucracy and processes.

We strive to share our business principles and attitude to work with our partners and customers.
Our mission and a source of inspiration is to help businesses get simpler, faster, and more advanced so their employees can work more efficiently, do more value-adding meaningful activities to be able to have more quality time for themselves and their families.

With our focus being on planning we continue changing this business process for the better, and in turn the world itself. ☺

Team Advanced

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We’re the nerds and roughnecks, we’re into math and the arts, we’re both logic & magic advocates who bring out the best to make your planning and business overall run simpler and go faster.

Fedor Matveev
Fedor Matveev​
Managing partner
Gurgen Melkonyan
Gurgen Melkonyan​
Managing partner
Leonid Trotsenko
Leonid Trotsenko​
Managing partner
Roman Mikhaylov
Roman Mikhaylov​
Operational director
Natalia Ivanova
Natalia Ivanova​
Data scientist
Alexey Lavrishchev
Alexey Lavrishchev​
Oleg Korshchikov
Oleg Korshchikov​
SME in planning
Marina Dunets
Marina Dunets​
Solution architect
Artem Bogdanov
Artem Bogdanov​
Data scientist
Anna Ruban
Anna Ruban​
Project manager
Elena Vlasova
Elena Vlasova​
Project manager
Evgeniy Bytsko
Evgeniy Bytsko​
Solution architect
Elena Vinogradova
Elena Vinogradova​
SME in financial planning
Anastasiya Volodina
Anastasiya Volodina​
SME in planning
Yuliya Gorodilova
Yuliya Gorodilova​
Solution architect
Zoya Dubova
Zoya Dubova​
Solution architect
Yana Zaitseva
Yana Zaitseva​
Project Manager
Yuliya Zapisetskaya
Yuliya Zapisetskaya​
Data scientist
Alexey Ishutin
Alexey Ishutin​
Solution architect
Ekaterina Kan
Ekaterina Kan​
Data scientist
Anna Kovalskaya
Anna Kovalskaya​
Solution architect
Vladimir Konev
Vladimir Konev​
Business development lead
Rodion Kraskov
Rodion Kraskov​
Solution architect
Kirill Kuznetsov
Kirill Kuznetsov​
Solution architect
Anna Litvinova
Anna Litvinova​
Finance manager
Olga Nozhevskaya
Olga Nozhevskaya​
Solution architect
Roman Orlov
Roman Orlov​
Solution architect
Denis Petrenko
Denis Petrenko​
Data scientist
Mikhail Plotnikov
Mikhail Plotnikov​
Solution architect
Ekaterina Serova
Ekaterina Serova​
SME in planning
Aiaz Shagapov
Aiaz Shagapov​
Solution architect
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