Domo - a next generation BI platform
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Domo Domo

A next generation BI platform


Что такое Domo?
What is Domo?

Cloud BI-platform with the most advanced operating system to manage any internal and external data.*

Какая польза для бизнеса?
What’s the value of Domo?

Domo allows to act proactively, discover the reasons for events happening in business overall or in its divisions in just seconds, Track performance dynamically vs. targets in real time.

Для кого Domo?
Who is Domo for?

Executives, Marketing & Media management, esp. Digital, Business Operations and planning, S&OP and IBP, Finance, Sales performance, Services

*Based on an expert assessment of Advanced.


Collect and transform the data


Discover what makes Domo different and helped to become a Challenger in Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant.

Unite & Transform
  • Domo syncs and transforms data no matter the way it’s stored without any coding - cloud, local on-premise databases, spreadsheets, cloud applications and external data hubs like social media services.
  • Over 600+ internal and external sources known as “connectors” are available to be integrated upon your request.
  • No suitable connector? Domo has the option to create made-to-measure data connections through the connector’s IDE’ which is an intuitive and simple environment for managing & creating connections between Domo and the web’s most powerful APIs.’’

’IDE (Integrated development environment) - s a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development.
’’API (application programming interface) - is a set of subroutine definitions, communication protocols, and tools for building software. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication among various components.

  • Domo goes beyond lengthy BI reports up to advanced reporting presented as 3D cards.
  • With more than 300 card builders which you can customize in a way that works best for you by personalizing formats, layouts and even graphic designs.
  • Interactive cards are collected and displayed in a convenient personalized dashboard to create meaningful business stories specific to individuals, teams or a business issue.
  • All the cards and data flows update automatically so you always have the latest data and insights at your fingertips.
  • On demand, custom-made superior visualizations can be developed with advanced design elements.
Get insights

    Predictive aler

  • Domo Alert Center tracks changes of your relevant data to alert you in case of a change to any of your target metrics, informs you of new cards created, new trends and discussions popping up within your team or in a business so you are always posted and set to take action. 
  • Act proactively: tune an alert in a few clicks on a change to any target metric to be always informed.

    Advanced drill-downs and filters

  • Thanks to progressive drill-down capabilities, everyone can get insight into any relevant card by going several layers down to the initial data set and identify reasons for a target metric change.
  • Multi-dimensional filters can instantly help you see and compare metrics with the necessary angle – time frame, items, clients, units of measure etc.

    AI-generated insights

  • Thanks to AI and ML engines, the operational system automatically generates insights to your reports - this is what business analysts usually do 
  • You can “Like” or “Dislike” suggested insights helping the system train itself and improve the quality of the analysis.
  • The Domo’s fully-integrated chat tool – Domo Buzz - allows everyone to share and collaborate around business data and real-time insights as a natural, organic part of the discussion
  • No more tedious offline get-togethers or off-side mailing or instant messaging clients needed.
  • An embedded Project & Tasks manager.
  • Set up a regular circulation of reports and an instant export of any cards or dashboards into a PowerPoint format with a special plug-in.
  • The Domo’s alerting and notification ability is native to Buzz which enables extremely deep, flexible and quick configuration across multiple delivery vehicles – notifications in the mobile app and on the desktop, SMS texts and emails.
Take action anywhere, anytime
  • Domo is easy to access from any device –  be it a laptop, tablet or mobile – this is one of the key platform’s advantages. 
  • Reimagined mobile experience thanks to Domo's mobile agent which is truly advanced compared to any other BI solutions on the market.
  • The Domo app, available for iOS and Android, allows you to run your business literally from your mobile phone without any restrictions.


Nothing more to install, upgrade, or integrate. Domo is unique as it has an impressive speed of adoption which takes days, not months, and is easy to get a handle on by any business user regardless of the grade and expertise.

The MVP of the platform gets rolled and adopted by business in several weeks, not months.

‘A use case’s complexity defines the time for implementation and adoption hence can cause longer timings. MVP - an optimally minimum functionality needed to start being adopted by business.


Domo is meant to help unlock the potential of all your data so you can make informed decisions much faster and in real time.

Average and risk adjusted ROI for the companies which use Domo based on the research by Forester ©


More than 1000 biggest global companies like Unilever, Ebay, Mastercard and DHL are already harnessing all the goodness of Domo. See what these leaders have to say.

“Domo allows me to make decisions in real time, so that I can make sure every dollar we spend on marketing is most effective.”
“Domo requires limited resources and manpower to effectively build and manage.”
“My favorite thing about Domo is the visualization. It is really intuitive. It provides a snapshot of what I need to know, not only from a high-level but from a detailed level as well.”
“Other solutions can combine data sources, but their presentational layer is still very analytical and Excel©-pivoty in nature. Domo gave us the cutting-edge ability to take that data and put it in a cleaner, more visually appealing structure.”
“We found a data-agnostic tool that is proficient in pulling data from our various systems into the cloud, binding it together and allowing us access to meaningful insights. That tool is Domo.”
“Domo saves us 200 hours of manual reporting every single month. This enables us to spend our time analyzing the data instead of piecing it together.”
“The beauty of Domo is the opportunity to drill deeper and deeper, the opportunity to see a significant insight and then actually click on it to find out why.”
“With Domo, we are able to combine data however we want to. We pull all of our data into Domo, and we can able to manipulate it as we need to.”»
“Now you have one process across all brands. You are able at any level of business to get the information you need to make a decision.”
“Domo possesses the ability to handle complex data, perform complex analysis, quick and easy data preparation and above all can be used by the business user.”